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 - Weaving machines. Spinning and weaving mill of Drezna
Drezna Mill

Weaving looms and other equipment

The weaving department receives the prepared main yarn from the preparation department on weaving slips. The weft yarns from the spinning mill arrive in spools. On the weaving machines, the warp and weft yarns are woven together to form the final product, the weft fabric.

Conveyor with weft yarn in the weaving shop

Weaving loom. Pneumatic machines

Weaving loom STB-2-250

Rapier weaving machines ATPR. Weaver at work

Pneumatic weaving loom P. Weaver at work

Weaving machines with micro weft weaver STB. Weaver at work

Assistant foreman troubleshooting a malfunction on the STB machine

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