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ДПТФ - Spinning machines. Spinning and weaving mill of Drezna
Drezna Mill

Spinning mill equipment

The raw cotton coming into the mill in pressed bales has to be cleaned of impurities, leveled, and only the fibers required in terms of size and properties have to be selected. The raw material is subjected to a whole series of processes: cracking, loosening, leveling, combing, linen-formation, spinning, twisting...
The final output is a yarn that meets all requirements and is suitable for weaving.

To carry out the described operations, a whole range of machines and units is required.

Automatic scales

Bales clearing and friabling - inclined cleaner

Flossing machine

Flaking machine with aggregation

Carding shop

Carding machine operator

Ribbon conveyor operator

Ribbon conveyor

Assembly of equipment in the spinning mill

Spinning workshop. Rotor spinning machines

Operator at rotor spinning machine BD-200

Spinner in the spinning mill

Spinning workshop

Workshop for repair of chambers of spinning rotor spinning machines

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