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ДПТФ - Preparing machines. Weaving mill of Drezna
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Preparing machine tools

In a preparatory department of any textile manufacture final preparation of a yarn for weaving is carried out: the base yarn is exposed to warping process for formation of more capacious packs - warping beam. After that the party of beams is overtaken on even more capacious packs - weaving beam.

Simultaneously with it impregnation of a yarn by special structure - weaving glue, providing increase of stability of strings to damage and to other mechanical factors is carried out. Weaving beam placed direct on the machine tool (adhere to strings worked beam, or carry out to a proside at change of assortment of fabrics let out on machine tools).

Warping machine

Warping machine «SV-140»

Warping machine

Glue machine. A control panel

Sliding and slicing machines «SB-140-3»

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