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ДПТФ - History of the factory
Drezna Mill

History of the Factory

On a map of Moscow area we can find a small town with sonorous name Drezna. This name was given by small river. Coasts of the river was basic place, where has been begun construction of workshops of Zimin's Manufacture. And the ancestor well-known Zimin's Manufacture were Simeon Grigorevich Zimin - peasant from village Zuevo, who had a small silk-weaving institution from the end of XVIII century.

In 1897 on the river Drezna there has been begun construction of factory, and in a year it has been started up.
The factory had spinning and weaving manufactures. In spinning were used the textile machines of Howard and Bullo brand, in weaving - machine tools of Platte brand.

After the end of Great War intensive development of manufacture has begun. From 1954 for 1968 at the factory there is a replacement of mechanical machine tools on automatic, reconstruction of spinning manufacture, is established the new process equipment. Replacement of the out-of-date equipment on new has allowed to prosecute closely since 1965 subjects of mechanization and automation of heavy and labour-consuming works. In same to year the first conveyor of transportation of a yarn and container in spinning manufacture has been entered.

In 1969 the factory is brought in the Book of labour glory of Terxtile Industry Ministry of RSFSR and the Central Committee of trade union of workers of branch. And hardly later, a name of our enterprise the Book of the annals of the Moscow area has immortalized in itself.

From the date of the foundation of factory has passed more than hundred years. For these years strikes, revolutions and wars have made noise, but the factory continued to work. Textile workers participated in historical events of the past, and now when Russian textile manufacture is on a way of revival, citizens still will enter new pages in history of the textile industry.

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