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ДПТФ - History of the factory
Drezna Mill

History of the Factory

On the map of the Moscow region there is a small town with the ringing name of Drezna. It was named after the river, on the bank of which the construction of workshops of the Ziminskaya manufactory was started in the late XIX century. The ancestor of the famous Ziminskaya manufactory was a Zuev peasant Semyon Grigorievich Zimin, who already at the end of the XVIII century had a small silk-weaving establishment.

In 1897 on the river Drezne the construction of the factory was started, and a year later it was launched. The factory had spinning and weaving production. In spinning the technological equipment of Howard and Bullo system was used, in weaving - Platt machines.

After the end of the Great Patriotic War the intensive development of production began. From 1954 to 1968 the mechanical machines were replaced by automatic ones, the spinning production was reconstructed, new technological equipment was installed. The replacement of outdated equipment with new one allowed from 1965 to deal closely with the issues of mechanization and automation of heavy and labor-intensive works. In the same year the first conveyor for transportation of yarn and containers in spinning production was introduced.

In 1969 the factory was included in the Book of Labor Glory of the Ministry of Light Industry of the RSFSR and the Central Committee of the trade union of industry workers. And a little later, the name of our enterprise was immortalized in the Book of Annals of the Moscow Region.

More than a hundred years have passed since the factory was founded. During these years there were strikes, revolutions and wars, but the factory continued to work. The textile workers participated in the historical events of the past, and now, when the domestic textile production is on the way of revival, the Drezno workers will write new pages in the history of the domestic industry.

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