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Drezna Mill

Annals of the factory


Sons of industrialist Ivan Nikiticha Zimin from Orekhovo-Zuevo, founded at station Drezna of the Moscow - Nizhniy Novgorod railway spinning and weaving factory. The main heads of new business became Grigory Ivanovich and Ivan Ivanovich Ziminy.


Construction of factory settlement has begun. For employees have put 3 wooden houses, for workers - a brick barracks.


Birth of new manufacture. On a command of factory managing director Feodor Lebedev two steam machines and three steam boilers Babkok - Wilkoks have been started. Factory has started to give out production.


From November, 10th till December, 15th the most long at factory strike. The basic requirements: the 8-hour working day, improvement of working conditions.


March, 5-6. At the factory have passed the first elections of deputies in local administration.


In February record of volunteers in Red Army has begun. On Southern front of civil war the armored train under command I.V.Kuzmin. All crew of an armored train consisted from youth of factory workers.


Factory weavers have started to serve on four machine tools instead of two. A first signs of the future Stahanov-movements.


Weaver of Drezna Factory, the owner of an award of Lenin Praskovja Golubeva is selected the deputy of the Supreme body of the USSR of the first convocation.


The working settlement Drezna is transformed to city. From 8 thousand citizens of 6 thousand worked at factory.


In August the first 60 volunteers join a national home guard. Men in manufacture were replaced with women. In mechanical workshops have started to do shells. The working day - 12 hours, without days off, without holidays. All for front, for a Victory!


The chief engineer of factory appoints Nikolay Nikiforovich Tarasov, subsequently many years Textile Indusrty Minister of the USSR.


Reconstruction of the enterprise has begun. In workshops the modern equipment is established. In a boiler-house have put new steam boilers instead of the old English which have served 74 years.


The factory is noted by a passing Red Flag of the Central Committee of the CPSU, Ministerial council of the USSR, the All-Union Central Council of Trade Unions and Central Committee VLKSM. Only for the period with 1967 for 1987 passing allied and republican Red banners were awarded to collective of 71 times.


On 40 anniversary of the Victory, the decree of Presidium of the Supreme body of USSR Dreznenskaja factory for merits in maintenance of army and fleet nagrazhdena an award of Domestic war of the first degree. The factory is brought on the All-Union Honour roll on VDNH the USSR.


Foundation of joint-stock company Spinning & Weaving Mill of Drezna.


On a critical financial position the factory is transferred in external management of firm Savva Kemikal Textiles. The external managing director appoint Dmitry Leonov.


On May, 27th - 100 anniversary to factory. There are many celebratory actions in the city, wich accomulated music and movie stars: Efim Shifrin, Nikolay Karachentsev, Ekaterina Shavrina and others...


On January, 18th die the general director of factory Dmitry Leonov. Before own birthday it find dead at bottom of the multi-storey house. It has officially been declared, that it has committed suicide, having jumped off from the house.


After death of the general director numerous attempts of repartition of the property are undertaken. At factory owners, names, workers. Partial sale of the equipment of the enterprise begins.


90 % of capacities, looms and machines was sold. Few weaving looms still standing and keep their production function.

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