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Spinning machine tools

The clap-raw at factory in the pressed bales is necessary for clearing of impurity, to level, select only necessary in the sizes and properties of a fibre. Сырье подвергается целому ряду процессов: трепание, рыхление, выравнивание, чесание, ленто-образование, прядение, кручение... The raw material is exposed to a lot of processes: fray, clearing, combing, alignment, spinning, torsion... Eventually on an output receive a yarn meeting all requirements and suitable for weaving.
The whole complex of machines and units is necessary for realization of the described operations.

Automatic weight control machine

Bales clearing and friabling - inclined cleaner

Fray machine

Fray machine with agregation

Combing machine

Combing machine operator

Worker serves the alignment machine

Line conveyor

Installation of equipment in spinning workshop

Spinning workshop. Spinning machines

Operator of the spinning machine

Worker in spinning workshop

Spinning workshop

Workshop for repair of spinning machines chambers

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