Spinning & Weaving Mill of Drezna


Fabrics production. Textile sales

Wide assortment of cotton domestics and technical fabrics (severe fabrics, satin, twill, reversible fabric, cotton gauze tissue, two-thread, tent fabric, flannel, velveton, crepe, dress goods, caliko etc.), and also a weaver's and knitted yarn, nonwoven materials and garments.

In 1969 the factory is brought in the Book of labour glory of Textile Industry Ministry of Russian Federation and the Central Committee of trade union of workers of branch.

From the date of the basis of factory has passed more than hundred years. For these years strikes, revolutions and wars have made noise, but the factory continued to work. Textile workers participated in historical events of the past, and now when domestic textile manufacture is on a way of revival, citizens of Drezna still will enter new pages in history of the domestic industry.

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Technology of the textile industry, fulfilled and confirmed for more than centenary period of work.
Drezna Spinning & Weaving Factory

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