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Drezna Textiles, Russia. Vertically integrated textile and nonwovens manufacturing company. Greige and finished, twill, drill and satin woven fabrics for apparel and furnishing, from cotton. Also, high-loft and stitchbond nonwovens, and ready-made garments.
Wide assortment of cotton domestics and technical fabrics (severe fabrics, reversible fabric, cotton gauze tissue, two-thread, satin, twill, tent fabric, flannel, velveton, crepe, dress goods, caliko etc.), and also a weaver's and knitted yarn, nonwoven materials and garments.

Wide work experience of the textile factory, knowledge and skills, debugged infrastructure - all this allows not only to make competitive production, but also to organize all complex of services on realization and delivery of finished goods.

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Cotton fabrics and yarn: production of Drezna weaving & spinning manufacture.
Drezna Spinning & Weaving Factory

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