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Yarns, fabrics, nonwovens

Spinning & Weaving Mill of Drezna - is a factory with more than a century of history.
The factory produces a wide range of cotton fabrics for household and technical purposes, weaving and knitting yarns of various properties, non-woven materials and sewing products.

Mill of Drezna cooperates with many Russian companies, as well as with a number of companies from Italy, Spain, Austria and Latvia. Cotton and viscose fabrics for household use: mitkal, flannel, calico, teak, fabrics with diagonal weave are the most successful among buyers of wholesale fabrics and other textile products.

The factory successfully operates a fabric and yarn store, which presents household and clothing fabrics, special technical fabrics, cotton yarn, knitted and wool yarn, non-woven materials for industry, sewing products and accessories. In the store you can buy fabrics in bulk, as well as yarn in small wholesale.

A permanent partner of the factory is the furniture workshop «Etalon», which purchases furniture fabrics for such works as furniture upholstery, furniture hauling.

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Weaving & Spinning manufacture: cotton and mixed fabrics, yarn, garments.

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Drezna Spinning & Weaving Factory

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